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Super Soco is an urban mobility company set to revolutionize the two-wheeled transportation industry. In fact, today Super Soco offers a variety of motorcycles and scooters that are environmentally friendly and accessible to all. Moreover, the company’s ethos is to uphold its values of making independent travel both affordable and accessible. So, whether you’ve been considering 50cc mopeds & 125cc motorbikes or wondering what to do while waiting for buses & trains, these electric alternatives will make your commute a whole lot easier.

The origins of the Super Soco brand started with its customers. Indeed, it was as a result of a major crowdfunding campaign in 2015, which included investments from Xiaomi and several major tech firms, that the company was born. Moreover, it was the future customers who out of the desire to embrace a new generation of urban mobility and mobility in general that they invested in this ambitious project. The desire was to develop the world’s best electric motorcycles, with the best most reliable parts available. Hence, they first developed bespoke designs and manufacturing processes that enabled Super Soco to develop products unlike any other on the market.  As of today, the company holds over 200+ designs patents and has won major awards such as Red Dot Design and the IF World Design Guide.

In summary, if you are in the market for an electric two-wheeled vehicle that is breaking new innovation and technology. Super Soco could just be right up your street.

Super Soco electric motorcycle logo

the Range

Super Soco TC max logo
super soco orange right rear facing

TC Max

£ 4499

Combining sleek style with cutting-edge performance, the Super Soco TC Max is a true masterpiece. Powerful motor with a superior range.

Super Soco TC logo
Super soco TC blue side angel view rear


£ 2799

When you want the freedom of the open road and have a bike that suits your style, the Super Soco TC offers the ideal introduction to two wheels.

Super Soco TSx logo
Super soco TSX red side angel view rear


£ 2799 OTR

With the Super Soco TSX, you will experience the future of green mobility. The TSX will revolutionize the concept of urban mobility for a new generation.

Super Soco TC logo
super soco wanderer green from the rear

TC Wanderer

£ 2999

There is nothing more adventurous and vintage than the TC Wanderer, an electric motorcycle with a 100% electric powertrain. Indeed, there is a lot to say about this new model.

Super Soco TC logo
Super Soco Street Hunter white rear view

TC Street Hunter

£ 2999

TS Street Hunter is a 125cc-equivalent electric motorcycle that will provide you with a stylish, yet the environmentally friendly mode of transportation around town.

Super Soco TSx logo
Super soco TSX red side angel view rear


£ 2799

With the TSX, you will experience the future of green mobility. The Super Soco TSX will revolutionizes the concept of urban mobility for a new generation.


Super Soco CPx logo


£ 3299

In order to meet the demands of aspiring urban professionals, the Super Soco CPX was designed from the ground up.

Super Soco VS1 logo
Super Soco E-max VS1 in white rear angled view


£ 3299

In order to meet the demands of professional delivery riders the Super Soco VS1 was designed from the ground up.

Super Soco CUx logo
Super Soco CUX Ducati rear angled profile view


£ 2399

Get a taste of freedom with the CUx, the environmentally friendly scooter designed for active lifestyles.

Super Soco CU mini logo
Super Soco CU mini rear angle view

CU mini

£ 1499

The Super Soco CU mini. The affordable option for getting you around town. The CU mini redefines how easy it can be to travel.

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