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Need a place to arrange your Electric Motorcycle Service? Well, you have just landed on the right page. At Go Green Motorcycles we take huge pride in our ability to delivery excellent customer service alongside a professional working standard unmatched in this young Industry.

Our Service Department will complete a comprehensive service check on your electric moped and make sure it is maintained exactly as it should be. We adhere to manufacture safety checks and maintenance protocols. This way, we can continue to validate your warranty agreement in full. And to completion.

Our team of qualified technicians have decades of service experience. Furthermore, our senior technicians have also been approved by our partners to deliver qualified maintenance and repairs. So , you know your pride and joy is in safe hands.

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The Most important service your vehicle can ever receive is it’s first service. This usually takes place after 500 miles or 6 months. Which ever comes first. Thereafter your electric motorcycle usually needs a check every 2000 miles. The good news is that these checks are nothing compared to the costly checks of gasoline vehicles.

It is vitally important that for your warranty to be valid your Motorcycle must have a service history carried out by a main dealer.

At Go green Motorcycles the Cost to service and inspect your electric motorcycle is just £85 plus VAT. Should your vehicle need any consumables to be replaced such as tyres, brake fluid or components outside of the main service schedule then these are charges at parts plus labour rate of £65 plus vat per hour.

We believe in being open and clear about our service policy. if you have any questions please do get in touch.

The Life span of your battery is difficult to measure as it is directly linked to the usage and the up-keep of the battery. Our advice is to always read your manual carefully. Follow the instructions and we strongly believe your battery will last for many years after it’s original warranty policy expires.

Please note: Your Battery has a warranty policy which will cover its life for the first 3 years. During this time, it is vital that your regular service checks are regularly maintained as failure to do so could affect the warranty policy on the battery.

To start with when you first get your Motorcycle. During the first 3 rides of your battery’s life, it should be fully charged every time before commencing your journey. (This will help with the life span of your battery). Also ensure that the Battery receives a full charge at least once every 2 months. Furthermore, you should not start a ride with less than 20% battery charge and avoid riding your motorcycle when the battery reaches a charge bellow 10%.  There is also a procedure for storage. Please ask our sales team or have a further look at our FAQ’s page.

We run a tight ship at Go Green Motorcycles. Therefore, with no extra expense to you the client we always give a main service check to every bike, every time. The cost is fixed at £85 plus VAT. However, should we find consumables that need replacing such as tyres, brake fluids, brake pads etc these are charged on parts, plus a labour rate of £65 plus VAT. (please note we will only every carry out extra work on your vehicle with your clear authority)

If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our service department.

Currently you can book your service either by:

Phone: 020 3150 4423.

Direct email to: service@gogreenmotorcycles.com

or complete one of our forms located on the service page and throughout the website.

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From Original Parts, Servicing & Mot’s and Accessories. At Go Green Motorcycles we have you covered

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Servicing & MOT's

Just like any engine that has moving parts it will require some form of maintenance. We have Qualified Technicians that can service and prep your vehicle for MOT inspection.

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As an authorised dealer we are able to up hold your manufactures warranty agreement. Not only because of our qualified technicians but also because we only use genuine manufacture parts in all our work.


As a Main dealer for many electric motorcycle brands, we are able to catalogue many genuine accessories. We also hold supply agreements with many other after market brands such as R&G and Rizoma.

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Our team of qualified technicians have decades of service experience. Furthermore, our senior technicians have also been approved by our partners to deliver qualified maintenance and repairs. So, you know your pride and joy is in safe hands.

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