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Electric Motorcycles and Electric Mopeds are a fun, cost-effective way to travel. Indeed, the Idea behind Go Green Motorcycles came from the desire to promote what we consider the future of motorcycling. Going Electric. In fact, it goes without saying that the future of two-wheeled Electric Motorcycles and Electric mopeds has never looked brighter or more promising.

we also wanted to promote clean, environmentally friendly transportation services to the masses. Especially as we know that electric motorcycles and electric mopeds can be just as exciting as their combustion counterparts, if not more.

Perfectly situated to supply clients

So, Go Green Motorcycles was born with the aim to demonstrate that electric motorcycles and electric mopeds are not only here to stay. But flourish. Moreover, we also wanted to demonstrate to our clients that we are at the forefront when dealing with customer care, service, and retention.

Today, after years of trading we are perfectly situated to supply our clients, not only with an exciting range of quality electric motorcycles and electric mopeds. But we are also perfectly set up to service all types of two-wheeled electric motorcycles and mopeds.

Our Fleet Services

We also run a fleet maintenance service for electric mopeds and have a huge amount of experience when it comes to fleet management. Indeed, we are able to do roadside recovery, service maintenance plans, and Loan replacements. Therefore, we are able to offer your business a full complete service plan that keeps your business on the road. Delivering your products to your customers.

Indeed, it is from our purpose build industrial building located in Camberwell that we are able to offer a full fleet service to our clients that span the whole of London, outer London, and parts of the Southeast of England.

Therefore, whether you have a two-man delivery fleet or a fleet with hundreds of units. We are the people to talk to.

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We have qualified technicians that are able to work on all the main brands of Electric Motorcycles. We are always eager to hear what fleet of electric vehicles you run. Therefore, if in doubt don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our minimum requirement is two electric motorcycles. So whether you are a local food delivery business with 2 bikes or a major delivery company with hundreds of bikes. We have the ability to help you maintain your fleet on the road. Fully functioning, reliable and safe for your riders and your customers.

Absolutely, every vehicle that makes it onto one of our service benches has a service record. This way you will be able to check on:

  • What work has been caried out on the vehicle in the past.
  • What work will be completed and finally.
  • When the next service schedules are due.

We correctly run a 2-vehicle recovery set-up. Therefore, we are able to provide you with a recovery service 24/7 covering all of London and most of the south east.

Because we use qualified technicians and original manufacture parts. Your Warranty policy is up held and valid by using our maintenance services. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact our fleet manager.

As we are sure you can appreciate fleet management costs can vary. Depending on number of bikes, to number of miles covered, to location of pick-up & drop-off to recovery service requirements. The best practice is to give us as much information as possible so that we can reply with an accurate and reliable quote.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our fleet manager either via email: fleetservices@gogreenmoorcycles.com or via Tel: 020 3150 4423

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Go Green Team
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What our clients think and experience gives meaning to what we do. And why we do it.

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