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Bilis MO-01

The BIlis Electric Moped gives you the ultimate riding confidence on the road. In fact, due to its lightweight frame and low centre of gravity the Bilis Electric Moped is easy to manoeuvre and so much fun to ride. Moreover, with the 1.44 kWh Bosch motor this amazing electric moped will carry you anywhere reliably and effectively. In addition, the Bilis Electric Moped with a speed of 29 mph and a Standard 2-Battery range of 80 miles will easily take charge of your commute. In summary, the Bilis Electric Moped is an excellent little power rocket capable of taking you to your destination and further in an environmentally friendly manner. Call us today and find out more about our offers and finance deals.

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Bilis MO-01

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£ 2250 Plus Registration & Road Tax
  • BIlis MO-01 Range with 1 Battery 40 miles
  • BIlis MO-01 Range with 2 Battery 80 miles (+£500)
  • BIlis MO-01 Range with 3 Battery 120 miles (+£999)
  • Extra Helmet Box +£150
  • 29 mph / 45 kph Max Speed, 1,44 kWh BOSCH Motor
  • Charge time 4 hours 100%
  • A1 - CBT from 17 years old (125cc equivalent)
  • Vehicle & Battery Warranty 3 yrs
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Bilis MO-01

Bilis MO-01

The Bilis Electric moped is such a great moped. Indeed, with its 1.44 kWh Bosch this amazing little power rocket will easily cruise at 29mph. Not to mention the extremely reliable range offered by its 3 battery options. In fact, the Bilis Electric moped comes with an Electronic Braking System (EBS) that intelligently regenerates the power back into the battery.

Thus, making the Bilis Electric Moped the perfect entry-level mobility option in the electric market today. In addition, thanks to its solid frame and its light weight  (57kg without batteries) it is very maneuverable. And extremely fun to ride. In Fact, this great little moped is built in the UK to the highest build and quality control standards. Indeed, such high-quality products are exactly what you would expect from such a well-established manufacturer. Hence the 3-year battery and vehicle warranty are on offer for your peace of mind and quality assurance.

In summary, this brilliant little power rocket is well worth every penny and can easily transport you anywhere in your city and beyond. The only question you have left. Why did you not buy one before?

Bilis Electric Moped

Feedback from Mr Richard Taylor.
(Bilis Electric Moped Rider & Owner)

The best buy I have made. Gets me back and forward to work in the city center and makes me feel like a kid when I’m doing it. Can’t remember the last time I looked forward to actually going to work so much lol.

Before buying the moped I had never been on any sort of moped in my life. But it’s so easy to drive. The bike itself is easy to operate and charge the batteries etc. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

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Power (Ext Range)

1.44 kWh power delivery with a top speed of 29 mph. In addition a 120-mile range with 3 batteries on a recharge time of 4 hours.


Capitalizing on the finest materials and most up-to-date technologies. Also, with a hydraulic braking system for more control and security.

Bilis electrical moped in black facing right at an angle


Super bright LED with key & keyless stop start ignition and security alarm. in addition, a clear and easy to read digital display.

Units consumption

Ride the Bilis MO-01 with a CBT licence or a full Category A1 licence. Max speed of 20 mph with a 2-battery range of 80 miles.

*Estimated Range based on 75kg rider in controlled conditions.

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  • Top Speed                 28mph
  • Range                         Upto 80 miles**
  • Battery                       18650 48V26aH Greenway Lithium Ion
  • Motor                         1.44Kw Bosch Brushless Motor
  • Front Brake:                       220mm Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake:                        180mm Hydraulic Disc
  • Brakes:                                Battery Regenerating Disc Brakes
  • Front:                        80/100-10″
  • Rear:                        80/100-10″
  • Weight:                        57kg (without batteries)
  • Weight of battery:    10kg each
  • Max Loading:             150kg
  • Colour:                       Matt Black                    
  • Slope Hill Ability:      12º
  • Wheelbase:               1230mm
  • USB Port:                   Yes
  • Alarm:                        Anti-Theft Immobiliser Alarm as Standard

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Get to know your

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  • Range Upto 80 miles**
  • Battery 18650 48V26aH Greenway Lithium Ion
  • 4-hour recharge to 100%


  • Top Speed 28mph
  • Motor 1.44Kw Bosch Brushless Motor
  • Front Brake: 220mm Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake: 180mm Hydraulic Disc
  • Brakes Front & Rear Battery Regenerating Disc Brakes
  • Colour Matt Black
  • Slope Hill Ability 12º
  • Wheelbase 1230mm
  • Weight 57kg (without batteries)
  • Weight of battery 10kg each
  • Max Loading 150kg
  • Display: Digital:
  • Lights: LED
  • USB Port: Yes
  • Alarm: Anti-Theft Immobiliser Alarm as Standard
  • Front: 80/100-10"
  • Rear: 80/100-10"
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