5 tips for long Battery life on your motorcycle.

One of the main concerns anyone has when buying an electric motorcycle is the Battery life. How long will it las? Or how should I maintain the Battery? Well, we aim to help you with some quick, short answers.

We want to encourage you to take part in the green motorcycle revolution and hope you find the information interesting and informative.

1. First 3 charges are so important.

The last thing you need is a lazy battery! Hence, the initial phase of a battery’s life is its most important. Indeed, it is during those first few crucial charges that you set your battery up for a successful life span.

It’s almost like you are training the battery cells for the upcoming work ahead and telling them that you won’t accept any lazy performance.

So, in summary. During your first 3 rides make sure you cover a reasonable distance and always have a fully charged battery before you start your next journey.

2. Charge the Battery regularly.

If you have an electric motorcycle, then you know that it can take some time to fully charge it. A reasonable amount of time for full charge is currently 7-8 hours. However, in the future with ever changing technologies and super-fast transformers we expect this charging time to reduce even further.

It is important to note that once your battery is fully charged you should not leave it plugged-into the grid for more than 24 hours. Meaning that an overnight charge is perfectly fine. However, if you plan on going away for a prolonged period of time, (2+ days) then you should make sure to have unplugged the Battery charger from the mains.

3. When not in use make sure to store the battery properly.

Riding a motorcycle for many people is a seasonal occurrence. For many riders, when winter sets in it’s time to hang up that helmet and gloves until the next year. If this, is you then there are some simple things you need to do.

Firstly, ensure the safety switch on the motorcycle is in the off position and if the battery is remaining in the motorcycle that it is unplugged.

Secondly, make sure you give the Battery a full charge every 2 months. This will help the battery cells remain healthy. Importantly should you fail to give your battery a recharge every few months it might actually lead to the cells depleting faster than normal. Meaning you might have to replace the battery early.

4. Don’t start a ride when you know you have less than 20% charge.

It sounds crazy, but making sure you have the correct amount of energy for your journey is crucial. Not only if you want a return ticket from where you started. But also, because you don’t want to be riding the motorcycle with a battery charge bellow 10%.

Importantly electric motorcycle safety systems are designed to protect the voltage capacity of the battery. Therefore, should the motorcycle safety system detect a fast-depleting energy use against the remaining energy levels, the motorcycle might power-off. Indeed, this action is designed to safeguard the battery and it is then recommended that you only use the battery once it has received a full charge.

5. Keep an eye on those tyre pressures.

At this point you are thinking. What has tyres pressures got to do with battery energy levels and life expectance. Well, quite a bit when you think about it. The energy you waist is a direct consequence to the rolling resistance the motor encounters. For example, weight.

However, rolling resistance is also hugely affected by air pressure. Even a 20% decrease in tyre air pressure is sufficient to decrease your battery capacity significantly. Moreover, via osmosis your tyres can naturally lose between 1-3 psi per month. Meaning that a 29-psi tyre can lose 10% in one month and 20% in two months. So, we would also strongly recommend that you check your tyre pressures every 2/3 weeks.

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Remember, looking after your battery is just as important as looking after your motor. It is your battery that will give longevity to your motorcycle, your enjoyment and the most important aspect. The return on your investment.

We encourage you to take on the two wheeled green revolution. Indeed, give us a call. Come and visit our showroom. We can’t wait to welcome you to the go green motorcycle family.