young woman riding a super Soco in a European city

Are electric bikes easy to ride?

So, you have made the decision to move forward. Indeed, move in the direction of the future. However, you have burning question that needs to be addressed. Our immediate answer to this simple question is a resounding. YES! However, we want to explain our reasons and why we think the way that we do.


In the first-place weight is important. Indeed, the correct weight can make a bike more nimble and easier to handle. Indeed, sometimes being able to change direction and have the motorcycle working with you rather than against you is a huge advantage. Both in terms of safety and enjoyment. But it doesn’t stop there.

The next big point to make is the position of this weight. You see, on the vast majority of electric motorcycles the weight is located at a very low centre of gravity. And this helps because at low-speed manoeuvres the motorcycle feels more stable. Easier to control and handle.

Moreover, Inexperienced riders will gain huge comfort and confidence in the fact that electric motorcycles are easier to balance than their fuel drive cousins.


One other huge difference between a combustion engine and an electric motor is the smooth operation the electric motor brings with it. You see, there are so many moving parts to a combustion engine that it just can’t help itself. In fact, from the engine to the exhaust the vibrations only increase with the usage of higher revs.

However, on the electric motorcycle there is a lack of vibrations. Indeed, there is a lack of noise. Moreover, there is no revs in which to vibrate the machine irrespective of the speed.

So, this lack of vibration actually helps balance. Furthermore, new riders will fell they can concentrate solely on balance with no vibrations to distract them or hinder their balance whilst riding.

attractive young lady riding a Super Soco in a city

Twist & Go

This has to be by far the easiest form of power deliver known to mankind. Simply twist the throttle towards you and the motor delivers a surge of power equivalent to the speed in which you twisted the throttle. Hence, twist quickly for a fast power delivery. And twist slowly for a slow power delivery. Additionally, impressive is the way in which this so call power is delivered. Indeed, on an electric motorcycle it is smooth and constant. There is no lag of torque, no need to change gears, there is even no peak torque on the rev counter! Because in actual fact, there is no rev counter. No more waiting to reach the gear sweet spot.

with an electric motorcycle we have instant power delivered continuously. Furthermore, the power is reliable with no peaks or weak spots. So what else could we ask for?

These are just three reasons why an electric motorcycle is easier to ride. We are always eager to learn. So, I am sure we will expand our list in the future.

In the meantime, should you wish to know more about electric motorcycles. The cost and how to go about gaining a licence. Why not drop us an email or better still come visit us at our showroom in London.