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Electric Motorcycles

At Go Green Motorcycles our aim is simple. We want to promote electric mopeds, and electric motorcycles to London and beyond. Furthermore, the goals of Go Green Motorcycles are to inspire and demonstrate that an electric motorcycle or an electric moped will provide you with many advantages. Advantages that not only reinforce the freedom and excitement riding on two wheels brings. But also highlight the benefits an electric vehicle can deliver, both ecologically and economically.

Electric Motorcycles and Electric Mopeds are here to stay. Indeed, they are the future of two wheeled vehicles. And Go Green Motorcycles aim to be the dealer of choice for London, the South East and beyond.

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Our Services
The Electric Motorcycle Revolution

Not only can we can deliver your brand-new Electric Motorcycle or Electric Moped. But we can also make sure your Electric Motorcycle or Electric Moped is serviced by a specially trained and fully qualified technician. 

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Our Electric Manufactures

From Electric Motorcycles to Electric Mopeds. From an AM Licence category to Full License Cat A. We have you covered.

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the Range

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Our Electrifying Offers

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Super Soco CPx

£ 1999

Super Soco TC max logo
super soco orange right rear facing

Super Soco TC Max

£ 3699

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Super Soco E-max VS1 in white rear angled view

Super Soco SV1

£ 3799

Super Soco TC logo
Super soco TSX red side angel view rear

Super Soco TC

£ 2199

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As a leader in the electric transportation industry, Go Green Motorcycles delivers affordable, convenient transportation for commuters concerned about the environment. Furthermore Go Green Motorcycles offers zero-emission electric motorcycles that are faster and more affordable than most 125cc or 50cc petrol equivalents. Finally, have a look at the videos bellow and feel free to contact us.

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what our customers say

What our clients think and experience gives meaning to what we do. And why we do it.

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our latest blog posts

The world of Electric Motorcycles and Mopeds is constantly changing. Therefore, we aim to keep our clients and members up-to-date with the latest news. Sign-up to our newsletter and make sure you never miss new information on this exciting and ever changing industry.

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