In order to meet the demands of professional delivery riders the Super Soco VS1 was designed from the ground up. Thanks to the VS1’s technology and suite of features, you can effortlessly navigate your way around the biggest cities. In fact, you don’t have to take our word for it, read our reviews. The goal of this electric moped was is to provide the best electric delivery moped. In addition, with the VS1 and the Super Soco app you find all of the most important rider and moped statics and information at your fingertips.  In summary, the VS1 is the perfect tool for professional riders who work in delivery. Indeed, we also work with a range of Financial and Insurance partners to make riding your Super Soco hassle-free and as easy as possible. Call us today and find out.

Super Soco VS1 e-Moped Delivery Power

The Super Soco VS1 has the ability to accommodate two removable Lithium-Ion ATL pouch cell batteries. These devices provide ultimate endurance, or seamless flexibility when switching between them. Furthermore, with a simple 3-pin UK plug Supercharger, you can recharge your e-moped in just 3-4 hours. Hence, allowing you to ride carbon-neutral without waiting for infrastructure to catch up. Moreover, its 4kw of pollution-free power offers similar performance to 125cc scooters without any maintenance and makes ownership simple. In fact, the Super Soco VS1 with its 87-mile range (approx. 2p per mile charge) and extremely low maintenance charges make it the perfect moped for your business investment.

Super Soco Proffesional

The Super Soco VS1 has many practical features that make it ideal as the professional’s choice for delivery. To start with a 16-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel setup provide supple handling. Whilst a pair of disc brakes are linked via CBS (Combined Braking System) for added safety. Thus, ensuring confidence under braking and increasing confidence. Furthermore, the large road presence allows you to command traffic while remaining nimble enough to negotiate any busy roads. Furthermore, with a load capacity of 150kg plus rider, it is at the top of its class for carrying loads. And with its dual swing side stand it makes the Super Soco VS1 quick and easy to park for those awkward road cambers. We are sure you will agree it’s an amazing workhorse that will is comfortable, low maintenance, and fun to ride.
  • Additional Second Battery Plus £999
  • 80kph Max Speed, 3.5kW Max Power
  • 124 Km (45km/h with 75kg driver, Dual battery)
  • 3.5 h at 60V15A (fast charge with single battery)
CBT from 17 years old 50cc equivalent)
 Vehicle Warranty 2 yrs
 Battery Warranty 3 yrs
Order today from your authorized Super Soco dealer “GoGreenMotorcycles”. Super Soco VS1: more info click here Contact Sales: GoGreenMotorcycles Contact Form
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Pay a deposit of £999.00 per item

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