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2014 marked the founding year of NIU. Moreover, if we fast forward almost 10 years, today the company is one of the world’s leading providers of smart urban mobility solutions. Indeed, as part of its commitment to redefine urban mobility and make life better, NIU is continuously developing more convenient and environmentally friendly smart urban mobility vehicles for global customers. In fact, in the last twenty years, only the MQi model and UQi model have won all seven major international design awards. indeed, the Red Dot and IF awards in Germany, the IDEA award in the United States, and the G Mark award in Japan to name but a few. Furthermore, with NIU’s lithium-powered electric two-wheelers, NIU actually created a new category of smart electric two-wheelers. In addition, to niu’s 4th-generation lithium battery technology has a longer battery life, a longer range, lighter weight, safer and more power. Today, Niu continues to develop Motor technology with their own in-house motor development program.

In Fact, today Niu has sold over 1 million smart electric two-wheelers worldwide and expanded to 38 countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America. In conclusion, niu electric motorcycles remain a forward-thinking and innovative company invested in the development of new technologies. Indeed, technologies that not only bring positives to its future growth but also to its millions of customers. Present and future.

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the Range

niu NQi GTS logo
niu NQi GTS in matt black


£ 3799 OTR

NQi GTS is equipped with dual lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, both batteries are removable and can be charged at any time.

niu MQi GT evo logo
niu MQi GT evo in orange from an angled view point

MQi GT evo

£ 4499 OTR

The MQi GT EVO is undoubtedly the best in its class. Furthermore, its 5000W motor will effortlessly power the Niu MQi GT EVO to speeds of up to 100km/h, .

niu MQi GT in blue angle view


£ 3799 OTR

The MQi GT is a true winner. Moreover, its 3100W motor will power the Niu MQi GT readily and smoothly. to speeds of up to 70km/h,

niu MQi Plus Sport logo.
niu MQi plus in black

MQi+ Sport

£ 3799 OTR

The technology on the niu MQi Plus Sport is second to none. Indeed, the ECU intelligent central controller has now been upgraded to version 3.0.

niu NQi Sport e-moped logo
niu NQi Sport in red angle view

NQi Sport

£ 2699 OTR

The technology on the niu MQi Plus Sport is second to none. Indeed, the ECU intelligent central controller has now been upgraded to version 3.0. As the brain of the scooter.

niu UQi GT logo
electric moped rear angle view


£ 2599 OTR

Despite its small size, the Niu UQI GT packs a powerful punch. With its 4th Generation NIU Energy TM lithium battery technology, the niu UQi GT is the ideal entry-level moped for your commute.

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