niu UQi GT


Despite its small size, the Niu UQI GT packs a powerful punch. With its 4th Generation NIU Energy TM lithium battery technology, the niu UQi GT is the ideal entry-level moped for your commute. Additionally, niu UQi GT’s upgraded ECU makes you feel even more connected to the vehicle. Not only does the Niu UQi GT take you on an exciting and rewarding ride, but it also has a number of other benefits. As well as keeping you safe, it makes you more visible to others. Daytime running lights use LED lighting systems that combine low energy consumption and high light intensity. In addition, the vehicle has a 360° lighting system consisting of light-sensitive headlights, semi-enclosed taillights, and indicators that automatically turn off after turning. Aside from looking good, the niu UQi GT rides well and keeps you safe. It’s the perfect entry-level e-bike.

niu e-Moped Power

There is no doubt that the UQi GT is a winner. In fact, its 1200W motor is capable of powering the niu UQi GT to speeds of up to 45km/h rapidly and smoothly. and due to its large, solid frame and relatively light weight of 75kg, it is extremely manoeuvrable and fun to ride. Not to mention its 227kg load capacity. Which makes the niu UQi GT one of the leading e-mopeds in its class. Additionally, to help increase the already impressive range the niu UQi GT is equipped with an Electronic Braking System (EBS) that intelligently regenerates power and returns it to the engine when the brakes are applied. Brilliant! We honestly believe that bringing together the niu UQi GT’s clear LED dashboard, outstanding performance, smooth handling, and added comfort, the UQi GT will make for an exciting and rewarding riding experience one which you will look forward to reliving many times over.

niu UQi GT Security

The security of the niu MQi GT is second to none. A new version 3.0 telematics controller has been installed in the Cloud ECU. As the vehicle’s brain It monitors, collects, and analyzes vehicle information dozens of times per minute. By doing so, you will be able to monitor not only your vehicle’s diagnostics and GPS location. But also, its automation features will allow you to wirelessly upgrade your scooter’s software without having to bring it into a service station. Furthermore, with a just a few clicks you can perform a status check or rapidly locate your niu. in fact, movement will trigger alarms on the scooter and the system will send you alerts to your phone.
  • Remotely start and power up your vehicle.
  • Remote vehicle fortification.
  • Remotely turn your alarm on and off.
  • Remotely lock your vehicle.
  • UQi GT Range 31 miles/50 km (SR)
  • UQi GT Range 37 miles/60 km (ER)
  • 29 mph / 45 kph Max Speed, 1500W Continuous Power. (SR) Niu Motor (ER) BOSCH Motor.
  • Charge time 7 hours Standard Range 31 miles/ 50 km (SR)
  • Charge time 9 hours Standard Range 37 miles/ 60 km (SR)
 AM – CBT from 16 years old 50cc equivalent)
 Vehicle Warranty 2 yrs
 Battery Warranty 3 yrs
Order today from your authorized niu dealer “GoGreenMotorcycles”. niu NQi GTS: more info click here Contact Sales: GoGreenMotorcycles Contact Form
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