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Maintenance costs of owning an electric Motorcycle

There are many reasons to buy an electric motorcycle. The environment is one. However, the savings on fuel and maintenance also play an influential role in the decision process.

Maintenance costs on a fuel vehicle can be costly. Oils, seals, plugs and even pistons and springs. Indeed, all of these can not only increase the maintenance service cost of your fuel vehicle. But, they can also increase the chances of a problem occurring in the first place.

In contrast, when we compared the combustion engines to Electric Motors. We find Electric Motors to be simpler in design and more reliable in practice. So, a win, win! Especially as they have very few moving parts.

However, saying all this you also need to think that for an electrical motorcycle to complete its overall function (travel) they need more than just an electric motor. In fact, an electric motorcycle will share many components that can be found on fuel power motorcycles.

Consumable parts need to be replaced

Components such as: Brake pads, Brake Fluid, tyres, Suspension. All types of Bearings, from steering to wheel bearings and on occasions even a drive system such as a drive belt or chain.

So, (I hear you ask) Do I still need to spend money on service parts.

Well, all of these components are what we call consumables. Parts on the motorcycle that will inevitably need replacing. In fact, the speed in which these consumables need replacing are directly linked to the rider. The environment in which you use the vehicle and the riding style of the rider in charge. However, and even more importantly is the ability of the owner to look after the motorcycle.

So, when you take your electric vehicle for a service or check-up you need to be aware that consumables play a role in the up keep and maintenance. Indeed, regular maintenance will not only, make sure your vehicle is road legal. But, just as important is road safe.

To give you an example. Currently the recommended milage interval for regular maintenance on a Super Soco electric motorcycle is every 2000 miles. However, this does not mean parts will always need replacing. In fact, regular inspection and maintenance could avoid those costly garage bills in the future.

two mechanics working on an electric motorcycle
blurred image of a motorcycle mechanic working

An Electric Motorcycle will still save you money

Importantly, the probabilities of something going wrong with your electric motor are very slim. In fact, electric motors are one of the most reliable engines in use today. However, the weak points are all the other parts the motorcycle needs to do its function. For example, suspension fork seals, steering bearings or even tyres.

These consumables will cost money to replace. So, in summary even though your new electric motorcycle will save you money. In fuel cost and motor service costs. You also need to be realistic and realize that consumables will always be part and parcel of the overall service maintenance costs of your electric motorcycle.

All in all, we would still stress that the electric motorcycle will still save you money and hassel. So, without a doubt they are still the cheapest and most reliable forms of transport available to us today.

In summary, go and enjoy your electric motorcycle. However, remember the sum of all the parts are what makes your motorcycle special. So, look after all of the components on the motorcycle and the motorcycle will look after you and your wallet.

Happy Riding All.

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