Online payments using NatWest Payit Link is perfect for invoices up to £250.

Multi-award-winning PayitTM is here to help businesses and customers benefit from the next generation of payments. Through Open Banking technology, Payit removes the need to share or store credit card information when collecting payments online or in person.

What’s more, it’s available to over 90% of UK current account holders and you won’t have to bank with NatWest to use it.

Paying your small invoices

By Using PayitTM, you will be able to pay your small invoices easily and securely without the need for storing card information. Furthermore, it speeds up and simplifies the entire payment process, so you can pay your small invoices more efficiently.

Sending Refunds

Rest assured that should we need to refund you we can also do so easily and swiftly. In fact, with Patit by NatWest Bank UK, we can refund your payment or part payment without knowing or storing your account information. Therefore, making the whole transaction process extremely simple, safe, and secure.

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