Super Soco CUmini


Introducing the Super Soco CU mini, the lightweight, affordable option for getting you around town. The Super Soco CU mini redefines how easy it can be for people to travel around their cities and urban areas in an affordable and environmentally responsible way.
  •  26mph / 42kmh Max Speed, 1 kW Max Power.
  •  26mph / 42kmh Max Speed, 1 kW Max Power.
  •  40 km / 25 miles** Estimated Range, 40v 28Ah (1.1kWh) Battery Capacity
  •  AM – CBT from 16 years old (50cc equivalent)
  •  Vehicle Warranty 2 yrs
  •  Battery Warranty 3 yrs
Order today from your authorized Super Soco dealer “GoGreenMotorcycles”. find out more info: Super Soco CUmini Contact Sales: GoGreenMotorcycles Contact Form
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Pay a deposit of £499.00 per item

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