Super Soco CUx


Get a taste of freedom with the Super Soco CUx, the environmentally friendly scooter designed for active lifestyles. The CUx is powered by a 1.3kw Bosch motor giving you effortless power to explore the city comfortably.
  •  CUx Ducati Version Plus £349
  •  28mph / 45kph (Restricted) Max Speed, 2.8kW Max Power
  •  40 Miles / 64km** Estimated Range, 60v 30Ah (1.8 kWh) Battery Capacity
  •  AM – CBT from 16 years old (50cc equivalent)
  •  Vehicle Warranty 2 yrs
  •  Battery Warranty 3 yrs
Order today from your authorized Super Soco dealer “GoGreenMotorcycles”. find out more info: Super Soco CUx Contact Sales: GoGreenMotorcycles Contact Form
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Pay a deposit of £499.00 per item

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