Muc-Off Mini Lube Kit


With the Muc-Off Mini Lube Kit, you can keep your bike chain clean and running at its peak with everything you need. In fact, there are three 50ml bottles of Muc-Off Chain Lube included in the kit. One of which is Dry chain lube, one of which is All-Weather chain lube, and one is Wet chain lube. With this motorcycle cleaning kit from muck-off, you will be able to easily carry it in your tank bag. Moreover, this Muc-Off Mini Lube Kit will make cleaning your bike chain a breeze. How to clean your Motorcycle Chain with Muc-Off Details:
  • Dry Chain Lube (50ml)
  • All-Weather Chain Lube (50ml)
  • Wet Chain Lube (50ml)
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