Handlebar Muffs by MCZ (Neoprene)


With MCZ Neoprene handlebar muffs you will Keep your hands toasty warm when traveling for prolonged periods, in bad weather, or during cold winter commutes. Indeed, they are designed to fit over your motorcycle’s, or scooter’s handlebars. Moreover, they are also very effective at keeping out the elements without interfering with the operation of your controls. Furthermore, those of us who want to be even more protected can use their MCZ handlebar muffs with heated grips too. In summary, these are some of the best muffs on the market today. Youtube Recommendation for Handlebar Muffs
  • Waterproof neoprene hand grip covers for handlebars
  • Universal Model
  • A simple fitting system allows easy access to the buttons
  • Design cover all the controls
  • Thermal faux fur lining
  • Rigid waterproof opening with an elastic windproof adjuster
  • Reflective stripe
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