niu NQi Sport


The niu NQi Sport is equipped with dual lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, both batteries are removable and can be charged at any time. In fact, with the dual 60v35aH battery pack version, you can ride up to 70 km at 45km/h. Niu NQi Sport is a truly versatile electric moped ready for anything the urban city can through at it. Furthermore, with its build-in USB port, you can easily connect your GPS phone. This way make sure you are always heading in the right direction.

niu e-Moped Power

A niu NQi Sports offers three unique driving modes – SPORT mode, E-SAVE mode, and DYNAMIC mode – so you can choose what matches your driving style. In fact, with this amazing electric moped, you can go farther, faster. Whether you’re cruising down large boulevards or winding through city streets, the niu NQi Sport can handle it all. A specially tuned V Motor delivers a continuous power output of up to 1800W and is tuned to perfection. Furthermore, the niu NQi Sport delivers instant acceleration from a standstill and enables you to reach 45 km/h in no time. In summary, the niu NQi Sport is a joy to ride and a pleasure to own. Happy riding all.

niu NQi Security

The security of the NIU NQi Sport is second to none. A new version 3.0 telematics controller has been installed in the Cloud ECU. As the vehicle’s brain It monitors, collects, and analyzes vehicle information dozens of times per minute. By doing so, you will be able to monitor not only your vehicle’s diagnostics and GPS location. But also, its automation features will allow you to wirelessly upgrade your scooter’s software without having to bring it into a service station. Furthermore, with just a few clicks you can perform a status check or rapidly locate your niu. in fact, movement will trigger alarms on the scooter and the system will send you alerts to your phone.
  • (SR) Standard Range Version 50 km
  • (ER) Extended Range Version 70 km (+£399)
  • 29mph / 45kph Max Speed, 1800W Continuous Power. BOSCH motor.
  • (SR) 30 Miles / 45km** Estimated Range, 60v 25Ah.
  • (ER) 44 Miles / 70km** Estimated Range, 60v 35Ah.
 AM – CBT from 16 years old 50cc equivalent)
 Vehicle Warranty 2 yrs
 Battery Warranty 3 yrs
Order today from your authorized niu dealer “GoGreenMotorcycles”. find out more info: niu NQi GTS Contact Sales: GoGreenMotorcycles Contact Form
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Pay a deposit of £499.00 per item

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